Released Nov 2021

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"the new CD “Castelfidardo” by jazz accordionist Jonny Kerry is more than what you think, no matter what you’ve heard from the instrument thus far. (The title refers to the Italian town where accordions are famously crafted.) In Kerry’s capable and loving hands, the accordion sings with joy for life whether paired with acoustic guitar, violin or even a bold red. His touch is light, fast and precise, and this album has plenty of bandwidth to explore different moods and destinations. Take the bouncy and Latin-inspired track “For Sephora,” where Kerry’s runs and trills decorate the song to perfection; or the nimble “Lockdown” where he can bend to the blues or coax stunning arpeggios, with a notably remarkable solo on violin. He lends honeyed vocals to the strummed love ditty “After You’ve Gone” which flies off the handle in tempo, band whipping up to a bittersweet conclusion. Slightly more laid back, “Exactly Like You” is a song of hope delivered like an invitation to the object of his affection. Whether Kerry sings or plays or both, it’s a treat because he’s obviously comfortable with any musical expression and has tone and rhythm well within his artistic control to take you along" - Debbie Burke