Jonny Kerry Quartet Album Cover

The Jonny Kerry Quartet Album £7.99

A Spectacularly skilled, unique, and stunning ensemble, The Jonny Kerry Quartet composes exceptionally passionate music designed to truly move the hearts & minds of the people. Through an extraordinary collection of eleven songs and their own signature sound comprised of a vibrant, hybrid blend of sweet Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova, Tango, and French Musette styles fused seamlessly together,

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Ludovic Beier Masterclass (English) £10.00

A Gypsy Jazz Masterclass with the virtuoso accordionist Ludovic Beier. This is a must have video lesson for anyone interested in playing gypsy Jazz on the accordion, wether you play piano or chromatic accordion, you will gain a good insight into this genre and save months of time. In this 24 minute HD masterclass, Ludovic takes you through how to start and develop a solo, as well as how to be a good sideman.